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Workshop on data access for research

On October 12, 2023, Arcom and PEReN are organizing a workshop on data access for research. The aim? To enable researchers to discuss the impact of the DSA on their work, to assess whether its implementation would resolve certain difficulties in accessing data for research, and to discuss the process of this access.



PEReN presents its Activity Report 2022

The Center of expertise for digital platform regulation (PEReN) has submitted its activity report for 2022 to its supervisory ministers (Economy, Culture and Digital).



DSA Stakeholder Event 2023 : PEReN on hand to help "Shaping the future of digital services"

Invited to the 1st European event on implementation of the Digital Services Act, PEReN took part in two workshops. This was an opportunity for PEReN to present the French response to the European consultation on the implementation of Article 40 (Data access and scrutiny ) of the DSA.



Shedding light on…n°6 - ChatGPT and the rise of conversational AI models

ChatGPT has put conversational AI models in the spotlight. Capable of conversing with a human being, these technologies raise many questions about their numerous applications. This 6th issue of “Shedding light on…” invites us to take a technical dive into the heart of these devices in order to understand their main challenges and limits.



Conferences and Hackathon 2022 - Return on the event

Relive in pictures and videos the event day of November 30, 2022. The unique program mixed conferences and Hackathon around the theme: “Technological possibilities, legal limits: algorithms facing regulation”.



Shedding light on…n°5 - Google’s AMP: from addiction to withdrawal?

To improve navigation on mobile, Google has deployed a multifaceted technology: AMP. Quickly adopted by the press, it is now gradually being abandoned. This 5th issue of “Shedding light on…” explores how this controversial technology works, its advantages, disadvantages and challenges.



PEReN presents its first activity report

Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy, Jean-Noël Barrot, Minister of Digital Affairs and Rima Abdul-Malak, Minister of Culture were presented with the first activity report for the year 2021 of the Pôle d’Expertise de la Régulation Numérique (PEReN).



The CNIL and PEReN sign an agreement setting out the terms of their cooperation

The French data protection authority (CNIL) and PEReN have signed a framework agreement specifying the general terms and conditions of their partnership in the implementation of projects of common interest.



PEReN intervenes at the Workshop on Privacy Protection (APVP)

PEReN was invited to present its latest work on data anonymisation and “blind” algorithm analysis during the 12th edition of the Workshop on Privacy Protection (APVP).



Proving your age without sharing identifying information? Proof by POC!

The 4th issue of “Shedding light on…" posted by PEReN had announced it, it is now a reality! The proof of concept (POC) of a secure mechanism for transmitting an individual’s age by double anonymity has been published by the CNIL’s Digital Innovation Laboratory (LINC).



Shedding light on…n°4 // Online underage users detection: can we reconcile efficiency, convenience and anonymity?

To help protect underage users online, many platforms are required by regulation, directly or indirectly, to verify the age range of their users. In Issue 4 of “Shedding light on…”, PEReN provides a critical overview of the solutions currently deployed.



Shedding light on…n°3 // The Privacy Sandbox: a collection of tools for third-party cookieless online advertising

The online advertising ecosystem largely relies on the use of third-party cookies to improve the ad relevance. Wishing to offer a technological alternative to current system deemed too intrusive, Google launched The Privacy Sandbox initiative in 2019. In its third issue of “Shedding light on”, the PEReN analyses the economic, technical and privacy issues surrounding the American giant’s solution, which is still under development.



Shedding light on…n°2 // Mobile applications: what are the security issues for their distribution outside OS stores?

Until now, mobile applications have been distributed almost exclusively through the application stores of operating system developers, on their own terms. These terms are changing under pressure from publishers on the one hand, and with the help of ongoing national and international regulatory changes on the other. In the second issue of its “Shedding light on…” series, the PEReN takes a closer look at the technical and security issues related to this opening, particularly for the end users.



Shedding light on…n°1 // Interoperability

Through the “Shedding light on…” series of article, PEReN proposes elements of technical analysis on a wide variety of topics related to the regulation of online digital platforms. In this first article, PEReN discusses the notion of interoperability and the forms and degrees this notion can cover.



Convention signed between PEReN and the French Competition Authority

The French Competition Authority and PEReN have signed a convention outlining the conditions under which PEReN will provide technical assistance to the French Competition Authority in its missions.



Publication of a study on evaluation methods for content recommandation algorithms

The DMGIC, as part of its participation to an international multi-stakeholder working group on the diversity of online content, commissioned PEReN and Inria/Regalia to conduct a feasibility study evaluating the conditions under which audits of content recommendation algorithms would be possible.



Creation of PEReN

PEReN has been created following the publication of decree n°2020-1102 on the 31 August, 2020. It will be placed under the joint authority of Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Roselyne Bachelot, the Minister of Culture, and Cédric O, the Secretary of State for Digital Affairs.