DSA Stakeholder Event 2023 : PEReN on hand to help "Shaping the future of digital services"

Invited to the 1st European event on implementation of the Digital Services Act, PEReN took part in two workshops. This was an opportunity for PEReN to present the French response to the European consultation on the implementation of Article 40 (Data access and scrutiny ) of the DSA.

DSA Stakeholder Event 2023 : PEReN on hand to help "Shaping the future of digital services"

On June 27, 2023, the European Commission invited all those involved in implementing the DSA (Digital Services Act) to the 1st dedicated event: “Shaping the future of digital services”. The aim? Gather feedback and ideas from these stakeholders ahead of the implementation of this most recent regulation, which comes into force at the end of 2022.

This key event, which brought together platform representatives, policy-makers and experts, was structured around 14 workshops, each designed to explore different facets of the DSA.

PEReN took part in the following sessions:

  • Data access for researchers: opportunities, capacities and needs
    During this workshop dedicated to the opportunities offered to researchers by article 40 of the DSA, “Data access and scrutiny”, PEReN presented the French response to the European call for contributions concerning the modalities of implementation of this article.(Recorded session)
  • Using data science to enforce the Digital Services Act
    This workshop focused on how data science can be used to support the implementation and monitoring of the DSA. Experts in the fields of data science, law and policy explored how data science can contribute to regulatory compliance. PEReN, a forerunner in this field, shared its experience of projects in this area.(Recorded session)

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