PEReN is placed under the joint authority of the French Ministers of Economy, Culture and Digital Technology. Its missions and organisation are outlined in the decree of the 31st of August, 2020.

Our mission

Today, understanding data and its environment is an imperative to understand how digital platforms work, and set or adapt their regulation. PEReN was created to answer this need and form a centre of expertise in data science that can provide technical support and guidance to state administrations in need.

More specifically, PEReN can be mobilised in two types of situations:

Digital platforms?

PEReN’s mission is to conduct studies on digital platforms (as defined by the Article L111-7 of the French Consumer Code). By doing so, it may be required to collect and process personal data, but in the sole aim of fulfilling its objective, through conventions signed with the authorities PEReN is assisting. These conventions guarantee a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance and precisely define the authorisations granted to PEReN.

Additionally, PEReN is actively involved in the field of personal data protection: for example, it is currently working on the implementation of tools to anonymise and minimise data collected in studies (for more information, see projects).

Our team



Joris Duguépéroux

Joris Duguépéroux

Data scientist
Formation: PhD in computer science, ENS Rennes & Econometrics and statistics, Rennes 1/ENSAI.