Conférences et Hackathon
30 Novembre 2022

Une journée événement au programme original qui mêle conférences et Hackathon autour du thème « Possibilités technologiques, limites juridiques : les algorithmes face à la régulation ».

Mercredi 30 novembre 2022, Centre Pierre Mendès-France, Bercy, Paris

09/11/2022 / À la une

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The CNIL and PEReN sign an agreement setting out the terms of their cooperation

The French data protection authority (CNIL) and PEReN have signed a framework agreement specifying the general terms and conditions of their partnership in the implementation of projects of common interest.

12/07/2022 / On the front page

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PEReN intervenes at the Workshop on Privacy Protection (APVP)

PEReN was invited to present its latest work on data anonymisation and “blind” algorithm analysis during the 12th edition of the Workshop on Privacy Protection (APVP).

29/06/2022 / On the front page

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