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Shedding light on…n°3 // The Privacy Sandbox: a collection of tools for third-party cookieless online advertising

The online advertising ecosystem largely relies on the use of third-party cookies to improve the ad relevance. Wishing to offer a technological alternative to current system deemed too intrusive, Google launched The Privacy Sandbox initiative in 2019. In its third issue of “Shedding light on”, the PEReN analyses the economic, technical and privacy issues surrounding the American giant’s solution, which is still under development.

28/04/2022 / On the front page

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Shedding light on…n°2 // Mobile applications: what are the security issues for their distribution outside OS stores?

Until now, mobile applications have been distributed almost exclusively through the application stores of operating system developers, on their own terms. These terms are changing under pressure from publishers on the one hand, and with the help of ongoing national and international regulatory changes on the other. In the second issue of its “Shedding light on…” series, the PEReN takes a closer look at the technical and security issues related to this opening, particularly for the end users.

18/02/2022 / On the front page

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