Shedding light on…series of articles

Through the “Shedding light on…” series of articles, PEReN proposes, in a spirit of popularization, elements of technical analysis on a wide variety of topics related to the regulation of online digital platforms.

Activity Reports


Black box analysis method for algorithms: demo
As part of its research work, PEReN is developing a methodology for external “black box” analysis of algorithms. Illustration by example in this video presented at the inauguration of the European Centre for Algorithmic Transparency (ECAT) on 17/04/2023. Objective: understand a recommendation algorithm.

Conferences and Hackathon 2022 - Return on the event
Relive in videos the PEReN’s first annual event held on 30/11/2022. The unique program mixed conferences and Hackathon around the theme: “Technological possibilities, legal limits: algorithms facing regulation”. And to find out more about the day,see the dedicated news page.

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These infographics summarize some of the work carried out by PEReN