Joris Duguépéroux

Data scientist

Joris Duguépéroux

PhD Thesis

Protecting workers in crowdsourcing platforms : a technical perspective (2020)

This work focuses on protecting workers in a crowdsourcing context. Indeed, workers are especially vulnerable in online work, and both surveillance from platforms and lack of regulation are frequently denounced for endangering them. Our first contribution focuses on protecting their privacy, while allowing usages of their anonymized data for, e.g. assignment to tasks or providing help for task-design to requesters. Our second contribution considers a multi-platform context, and proposes a set of tools for law-makers to regulate platforms, allowing them to enforce limits on interactions in various ways (to limit the work time for instance), while also guaranteeing transparency and privacy. Both of these approaches make use of many technical tools such as cryptography, distribution, or anonymization tools, and include security proofs and experimental validations. A last, smaller contribution, draws attention on a limit and possible security issue for one of these technical tools, the PIR, when it is used multiple times, which has been ignored in current state-of-the-art contributions.

Research fields

  • Crowdsourcing ;
  • Privacy ;
  • Differential privacy ;
  • Distributed systems regulation
  • Blockchain ;
  • Private Information Retrieval.

Principales publications